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Back in 1986, Tom Clemente left the “Ovations” (a 7- piece fifties doo-wop group that was playing clubs and lounges mostly in the Queens area).

Tommy had a vision for creating a group that would be able to do fifties music as well as music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. The seach began for singers and musicians to fit the format Tommy had envisioned for his group. He acquired some members from friends, by word of mouth, and fellow performers in the music industry.

As the years went by, some members left and others were replaced to keep the group on a working basis.

After a few years of moderate success throughout the tri-state area, Tommy still felt he could bring the group (called Starlight), to a higher level. He contacted a contemporary in the music business who introduced him to Lenny Dell (The original lead singer of the Demensions).

At first, Lenny was not too enthusiastic about resurrecting the Demensions, but after hearing Starlight sing the original Demension songs, he was so impressed, he agreed to become part of the 1990’s Demensions.

Currently, Three-quarters of the Tercels appear as the Demensions during the big oldies venues. The remaining Tercels appear as the offical background singers for name acts during oldies concerts at the Meadowlands, Nassau Coliseum, Rye Playland, and Westbury Music Fair.

When big oldies shows are not scheduled, the complete Tercels perform within the Tri-State area doing what they love most – Thrilling people with their special blend of beautiful harmonies and "Rocking people on the dance floor" with their musicianship.

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